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2-node high availability cluster ensures business continuity


RoseHA is a high availability cluster product based on shared storage, which can monitor the running status of application resources in real time. When any resource fails, it will auto failover, to kill single point of failures in HW/SW and ensure the business continuity of business system. 


Fence forced isolation

when the production server encounters an operating system hang, the Fence mechanism is used to forcibly isolate the production server, and the standby server takes over the resources to ensure business continuity. 

The Fence mechanism of Rose's high-availability system supports both internal Fence and external Fence (IPMI protocol), making it more flexible in adapting to production environments and kill the risk of downtime caused by system hangs in production server.

Arbitration service

The arbitration service is responsible for making decisions and coordinating the active and standby roles in the cluster, ensuring maximum continuity of business system.

The arbitration service can balance the requirements of business continuity and data consistency, enhancing the fault response and self-resuming capabilities of the cluster system, thus improving its availability. The arbitration node supports cooperation with multiple cluster groups simultaneously, reducing the deployment complexity of the arbitration node.

Auto failover

RoseHA will monitor the running system status in real time. In case of any HW fault, app software abnormity, OS downtime or man-made error, it will auto failover to standby server, so that enterprise can achieve 7X24h business continuity of key businesses. 

Monitor system in an all-round way

Monitor the running status of application service in real time. If any service errors, it will auto failover related application to standby server. 

Conduct in-depth monitoring on the usage of CPU/memory resource, and support intelligent alarm and failover. 

Continuously monitor the network resources. If the business NIC or network resources fail, it will auto failover related resources to standby server. 

Intelligent data protection mechanism

The self-developed kernel-level standby server lock can effectively prevent the error operation on disk data of standby server. 

Make full use of resources

Support heterogeneous server. It can quickly build active-standby cluster on the basis of existing production system and promote investment utilization rate.

Support both active-standby and active-active modes of deployment mode and reduce HW investment. 

Widely support the operation environment for both physical and virtual servers. The deployment mode is flexible, like P-P,V-V,P-V and V-P. 

WEB management view

Apply friendly wizard to guide configuration. The installation and configuration are simplified. The web management platform provides convenient management and monitoring. Beside it supports cross-platform remote management. For example, user can manage the active-standby cluster on Linux platform from a Windows client.  

Online extension or upgrade

The brand new RoseHA supports online extension or upgrade to cluster-level disaster recovery solution, to promote cluster’s data security protection level and further satisfy the requirement of Cybersecurity Classified Protection Standards 2.0.

Comprehensive compatibility & adaptation

The fifth generation of HA technology provides better compatibility and reduces solution selection difficulty. Beside the localized CPU & OS, it also supports cloud platform, virtualization and hyper-convergence environments.

Supported specification

Supported CPU architecture
X86 architecture
CPU of Intel, AMD, Hygon, Zhaoxin and etc.
Non-X86 architecture
Localized architectures like Loongson, Phytium, Kunpeng and etc.
Supported OS
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2022
RedHat V6/V7/V8
CentOS V6/V7/V8
Suse V12/15
Ubuntu V16/V18/V19/V20
Asianux V7
Supported application
Mail Server
WEB Server
File Server
Middleware Application
Supported storage
SCSI     IPSAN     FCSAN     SAS    
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