Data mirroring cluster

Real-time data mirroring
Data disaster recovery and application continuity
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How can data mirroring cluster ensure data disaster recovery and application continuous availability?

Along with development of server's hardware and software, server performance, internal storage capacity and network transmission ability has greatly been improved, so server has more powerful ability to deal with mainstream services. In traditional high availability system, data consistency and continuity must be achieved through the shared storage. This feature virtually increases the cost.

Based on ethernet TCP/IP protocol, by using Real-time Data Mirroring Technology, Rose has made this pure-software high availability system with two severs without sharing storage. With such a flexible way to configure 2-node high availability system, users can make full use of existing resources, and then select according to their own actual hardware environment.

The solution monitors and protects server's IP, applications and data I/O via HA technology. When application or server encounters failure, Rose product will automatically and quickly switch to the standby server, to guarantee continuous running of application service.

Applicable scenarios

High availability cluster based on data mirroring technology ensures the continuity of business system.

Hardware structure:2 servers


Online data mirroring

Application running online, it replicates data in real-time, to provide a high-level realtime disaster recovery protection for business data.

Comprehensive monitoring and auto failover

It solves software/hardware single point of failure, monitors application resources in real time, and automatically implements failover in case of failure. 

It monitors the running state of app service, CPU/memory resource usage of operating system to realize intelligent warning and strategic failover.

Flexible deployment schema

It has flexible deployment architecture, as it supports active/standby cluster composed of heterogeneous servers, without disk array.

Quickly building the mirror cluster by making use of existing production system can raise the utilization rate of investment and reduce cost.

Integrate software & hardware resources

It integrates software & hardware resources, and it's compatible with application systems of various industries, most databases, major operating systems and hardware servers of different brands. 

Easy maintenance and management

The active warning helps with timely trouble shooting for it provides timely warning via online log, email, SMS and etc. The centralized management reduces maintenance cost for user.

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