RoseVM Cluster

Resist against risks of virtual machine, application and data
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Compatible with wide range of virtual platforms
Comprehensive monitoring and automatic failover
On-demand allocation & flexible extension
Make up for virtual machine's single instance risk
Centralized operation and management

Ensure business continuity on virtual platform via RoseVM Cluster

RoseVM Cluster is a high availability cluster product based on virtual platform. This solution realizes real-time monitoring to internal application resources of virtual system, and automatic failover in case of resource failure. It also solves software & hardware single point of failure, to ensure business system continuity.

RoseVM Cluster includes RoseVMCluster(Mirror) and RoseVMCluster(Share), and they respectively provide high availability cluster based on mirroring technology and high availability cluster based on shared storage on virtual platform.

Compatible with wide range of virtual platforms

RoseVM Cluster is seamlessly compatible with virtual platforms, such as VMware vSphere, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, etc. It takes advantage of virtual platform effectively to create active/standby cluster for applications in the platform.

Comprehensive monitoring and automatic failover

It monitors running state of applications in real time. In case of any application service exception, it automatically will fail over application service to the standby server. 

It monitors CPU/memory resource utilization rate in depth, to realize intelligent warning and strategic failover.

It monitors network resources continuously. If business network card or network resource encounters a failure, it will automatically fail over resources to standby server.

On-demand allocation & flexible extension

RoseVM Cluster adopts centralized licensing mechanism. The nodes authorization could be allocated and extended dynamically on user demand, supporting elastic computing, cloning, migration, and addition/deletion of virtual machine.

Make up for virtual machine's single instance risk

If operating system of production virtual machine encounters a failure, the standby virtual machine will automatically take over the business, to make up for single instance risk.

Centralized operation and management

 RoseVM Cluster uses the graphical management tool which displays system running state in real time. It offers a variety of alarm ways, such as: online logs, SMS, notification, mail notification, etc, which are convenient for user's daily management, so as to simplify and ease the operation & management.

Support Specifications

Supported System

  • Windows

    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2019
  • Linux

    • RedHat V6/V7/V8

Supported Applications

  • Database

    • Oracle
    • Mysql
    • MS SQL
    • Sybase
    • DB2
    • Dameng
    • GBase
    • kingbase
  • Mail Server

    • coremail
    • sendmail
    • postfix
    • Domino
  • WEB Server

    • Apache
    • IIS
    • Tomcat
  • File Server

    • Samba
    • NFS
    • FTP
  • Middleware Application

    • Weblogic
    • Websphere

Supported Storage

  • Storage

    • SCSI
    • IPSAN
    • FCSAN
    • SAS