Disaster recovery cloud

Build the disaster recovery solutions between local sever and cloud,
and between clouds of different areas
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Compatible with most clouds
Real-time data replication
On-demand disaster recovery and extension
Secure and efficient data transmission

Combined with cloud platform, build the cloud disaster recovery solution easily

More and more users plan to migrate their business system or data to cloud. The operation and data of business system are completely managed by cloud provider. How to realize effective control and disaster recovery protection for business system and data in cloud is an important link if user wants to migrate business to cloud.

Combined with cloud, the regular disaster recovery modes are as below:

Local to Cloud

It is to build data and business disaster recovery from production center to cloud in real time. If disaster occurs at production center, the disaster recovery system in cloud could take over related business in time.

Cloud to Local

After user migrates business to cloud, he can recover the business data in cloud to his local server room, which could effectively control business and data security.

Between Clouds in different regions

It is to realize data and business disaster recovery between two clouds in different regions, which ensures the maximum security of business system and data.

Applicable scenario

Building cloud disaster recovery solutions from Local to Cloud, from Cloud to Local, and between Clouds in different regions, all can be realized.

Compatible with most clouds

It is compatible with most clouds. It helps user to build cloud disaster recovery solutions from local to cloud, from cloud to Local and between clouds in different regions.

Real-time data replication

Online and real-time data replication for application, realize high-level disaster recovery(RPO≈0). This improves the ability to withstand disasters and minimizes user's loss.

On-demand disaster recovery and extension

User could implement disaster recovery for various data and businesses on his demand, such as core or effective data, to save the solution investment. Moreover, it supports flexible policy adjustment and on-demand extension.

Secure and efficient data transmission

It supports transmitting encrypted data between different sites to prevent data disclosure.

It supports transmitting compressed data to reduce data transmission traffic. 

It supports scheduled bandwidth network traffic control; this could effectively control usage of network bandwidth, so as to adapt to narrow-band network environment.

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