Multi-node & 2-storage

High availability system with completely fault-tolerance architecture
and dual active storages
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How to enhance the reliability of high availability cluster?

Multi-node and 2-storage high availability solution helps user to build a high-fault-tolerance, high-security, high-performance cluster disaster recovery platform. The solution is self-developed by Rose. Its function modules collaborate with each other, to achieve that server, disk array and storage channel are all fault-tolerant. It solves the single point of failure problem of traditional high availability solution, and builds an advanced zero-data-loss cluster disaster recovery solution that provides high availability protection for application.

Applicable scenarios

With completely fault-tolerant architecture, server hardware failure does not affect system running, and storage hardware failure won't affect the data security.

Completely fault-tolerant architecture

With completely fault-tolerant architecture, the server, disk array and storage channel are fully fault- tolerant. So any hardware failure won’t affect the continuous running of system, to effectively avoid the hardware/software single point of failure.

Dual active storages(RAID1)

Under RAID1 working mode, it writes to two storage devices synchronously to ensure that data on them are identical. If disk array A encounters a failure, disk array B will continue to provide IO access seamlessly to prevent data from losing (RPO=0), and ensure business continuity.

Storage channel load is redundant, which improves system reliability, efficiency and security.

Maximized business running time

It automatically resumes service after it recovers from a storage failure, without any downtime. It reduces manual maintenance cost and difficulty; while auto rebuilding RAID data, it only synchronizes valid data and different data.

The simple and easy-to-use management tool supports diverse warning modes (SNMP, SMS and E-mail), which effectively simplifies later management and maintenance.

Heterogeneous storage to save the cost

It supports to build the dual active storage solution with storage devices of different brand and model, so as to make full use of existing resources and save the total cost.

Centralized maintenance and management

Use the graphical tool to manage servers, applications, storage devices and other resources, to realize centralized management, and reduce the maintenance cost.

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