2-node high availability solution based on data mirroring
Data disaster recovery and application continuity
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Online and ongoing replication
On-demand replication and extension
Making full use of hardware resources
Comprehensive system monitoring and automatic failover
Easy Operation and Management

Ensure business continuity via RoseMirrorHA

RoseMirrorHA is high availability cluster product based on data mirroring technology. Based on Ethernet TCP/IP protocol, by using Rose real-time data mirroring technology, it replicates production server's data to standby server in real time. Also, RoseMirrorHA monitors running state of application resources in real time, to realize automatic failover for resource failure, solves software & hardware single point of failure, and ensures business system continuity.

Online and ongoing replication

The online & ongoing replication for application service ensures that data source and data backup is consistent at any point of time, as any data source IO changes would be copied to the target server automatically.

On-demand replication and extension

It supports copying data file/directories on user’s demand, and dynamic extension for replication scope.

Making full use of hardware resources

The active/standby mirror cluster solution can be built with only 2 servers, with fewer requirements for server hardware configuration. User can build with servers of different models & configurations, according to environmental condition to save hardware investment.

Comprehensive system monitoring and automatic failover

It monitors running state of applications in real time. In case of any application service exception, it will automatically fail over application service to the standby server.

It monitors CPU/memory resource utilization rate in depth, to realize intelligent warning and strategic failover.

It monitors network resources continuously. If business network card or network resource encounters a failure, it will automatically fail over resources to standby server.

Easy Operation and Management

Graphical management tools, display system running state in real time. It offers a variety of alarm ways, such as: online logs, SMS notification, mail notification, etc, which are convenient for user's daily management, so as to simplify and ease the operation & management work.

Support Specifications

Supported System

  • Windows

    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2019
  • Linux

    • RedHat V6/V7/V8
    • CentOS V6/V7/V8
    • Suse V11/V12/15
    • Ubuntu V16/V18/V19

Supported Applications

  • Database

    • Oracle
    • Mysql
    • MS SQL
    • Sybase
    • DB2
    • Dameng
    • GBase
    • kingbase
  • Mail Server

    • coremail
    • sendmail
    • postfix
    • Domino
  • WEB Server

    • Apache
    • IIS
    • Tomcat
  • File Server

    • Samba
    • NFS
    • FTP
  • Middleware Application

    • Weblogic
    • Websphere

Supported Storage

  • Storage

    • SCSI
    • IPSAN
    • FCSAN
    • SAS