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Private cloud/HCI disaster recovery

To build disaster recovery solution for the key data and business on private cloud


User confronts business continuity challenges while transferring the production platform to virtual and hyper-converged platforms.  The business continuity of private cloud data center includes local high availability and remote disaster recovery. When the local data center experiences disasters, the key data and business can be recovered at remote. It’s very important to build remote disaster recovery solution for the key data and business on private cloud. 

Applicable scenarios

User has a self-built private cloud data center which need  to build a  disaster recovery solution


Real-time disaster recovery

It replicates business data in real time online, with RPO≈0. In case of any disaster, it can quickly recover the latest data from disaster recovery center and provide high-level protections for business data. 

Application-level disaster recovery

The application-level disaster recovery system can takeover business when required. If disaster happens at the key business of private cloud, it can trigger the remote disaster recovery system to take over related business to provide continuous business service, with RTO in minute level. 

Diverse disaster recovery adaptation

The private cloud disaster recovery solution has wide adaptation, it supports various virtual platform, hyper-converged platform and so on. Besides, its disaster recovery policy can be flexibly adjusted and the disaster recovery scale can be extended on user demand.  

Efficient and safe data transmission

Data will be encrypted when transmitting to remote, to prevent data disclosure. The network link supports fault-tolerant transmission, so if one network link fails while transmitting, it will auto switch to another available link to continue transmitting.  Data will be compressed when transmitting, which promotes the transmission efficiency and reduce the bandwidth occupation. User can self-define the network bandwidth to adapt to narrow bandwidth network environment. 


Private disaster recovery cloud case of a certain network operation group

The network operation group and its subsidiaries majors in the businesse...

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