We will provide 1 year free support service for all authorized users of genuine Rose products. When the 1 year service expires, user can buy renewal service form authorized dealer. 

Categories of technical support service

Tel /Email/Fax/remote online support service(5x8hours)
If user has any question about Rose software products, he can contact the Rose technical support service site at his place by Tel/ Email/Fax from 9:00 to 18:00 on work days.  We also provide hotline service for customer, and special engineer will reply you and track your problem until it is solved.

7x24service at emergency(non-work time support service)
At non-work time, Rose will provide technical support for emergent case till the system can run or the problem is reduced to non-emergent level. The non-emergent case will be recorded and the technical support engineer of Rose will respond accordingly in next work day.  For the emergent case at 7x24h, customer must specify the on-site contact or contactable contact, so as to assist Rose engineers to collect information, test and implement solution under customer environment.

On-site service with extra charge
Rose can provide on-site service as customer required. The on-site service means that Rose will appoint technical support engineer to do product installation, technical communication or issue fixing at customer site. When the traffic vehicle is available, our engineer will arrive site within 24h for capital cities and 48h for other cities (to the exclusion of force major, such as weather and etc.)

The on-site service is with extra charge, so user has to buy it separately and pay the service fee. The service fee contains technical service fee and travel expense. The technical service is counted by man day, starting from engineer’s arrival at customer site and ending when he leaves the site.   Travel expense contains traffic fees, board and lodging expenses. And it should be reimbursed by actual expenses.
Service within product validity terms

Any authorized user of genuine Rose products could enjoy one year of service, starting from the date formally obtaining permanent authorization. Within the service validity terms, user could apply to Rose for product service:
● Issue fix
When user could not realize related functions on the bought products as stated by user manualsRose will provide related issue fixing software and valid solution.
● Reapply of authorization

After the formal authorization document is  issued, if the authorization cannot work due to some hardware configuration change of host, customer can  apply to Rose for new authorization. Once approved by Rose, our company will help to apply new authorization for free. But if customer host hardware are all changed, he could not enjoy this service.

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