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How to avoid the operation risk on virtual platform?

With the continuous development and maturation of virtualization technology, in order to simplify system deployment & maintenance management and save resources, a large number of customers transfer their information system to virtual platform gradually, such as VMWareVSphere, MicroSoft the Hyper-V, etc. But as virtual platform also may experience the risk like basic hardware failure, storage failure, network failure, platform failure, virtual clients internal OS/application failure and etc. which may cause business system go down and cannot access service any more. So to use high availability active/standby cluster solution on virtual platform to avoid unavailability of business caused by a variety of factors is a problem that cannot be ignored for enterprises and IT administrators during the IT information virtualization construction process.

With the virtualization high availability cluster solution by Rose, you can easily deal with business interruption risk caused by software/hardware failure in whole system, and ensure that business system runs and provides service 7x24 hours uninterruptedly; At maintenance and management level, centralized management function of Rose solution could save a lot of manpower and material cost for customers on maintenance.

Applicable scenarios

Compatible with mainstream virtual platforms, it's a high availability of active/standby cluster solution which builds a virtual environment.

Integrate software & hardware resources

Rose virtual cluster solution provides a high availability cluster based on virtual platform. It takes advantage of virtualization technology effectively and integrates software & hardware, to realize business system continuity in virtualization platform for user with ease.

Free & flexible on-demand allocation

Rose virtual cluster solution uses centralized authorization mode, so license information is irrelevant to software/hardware of the platform. It supports user to migrate/increase/delete virtual machine, and it can add additional license on demand, to lower overall cost.

Diverse deploy methods

Rose virtual cluster has 2 types of solution: sharing or mirroring type. User can flexibly choose adaptive solution according to the actual environment demand, to make full use of existing resources and reduce the cost.

Reduce operation risk and protect application & data

It monitors app service of virtual machine, and CPU/MEM resources of virtual system in depth, to realize intelligent warning and strategic failover.

By automatic failover when failure occurs, it ensures applications’ business continuity. 

It avoids virtual machine's single-instance risk, data’s single-point of failure, as well as host machine hardware failure in virtual platform. Mirroring type cluster provides redundant mirrored data replica, which maximizes the protection on application data security.

The centralized operation and maintenance management

Rose virtualization solution management tool has visual graphics management interface; User can easily manage multiple active/standby cluster environments. It supports Email, SMS, SNMP, and online log warning.

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