Capture the industry demands, to provide the best software-defined high availability disaster recovery solutions

  • Shared storage cluster
    Highly reliable fault-tolerance structure
    Ensure business continuity by 7×24 hours
  • Data mirroring cluster
    Real-time data mirroring
    Data disaster recovery and application continuity
  • Remote disaster recovery
    Realize remote disaster recovery for local production center, to withstand disasters
  • Disaster recovery cloud
    Build the disaster recovery solutions between local sever and cloud, and between clouds of different areas
  • Virtual platform cluster
    Ensure data & application safety
  • Multi-node & 2-storage
    Dual active storages

Successful cases

Rose works with top tier companies in different industries with successful customers all over the world

The case of a securities company in Shenzhen

A securities company has established over 40 branches and 100 business departments in more than 100 cities and regions across the country. Its business scope covers: securities brokerage, securities investment consulting, financial advising relating ...

A department store

Client introductionA department store is main board listed company in Hong Kong stock exchange, and it holds multiple A-share listed companies. After over 10 years of significant development, with annual sales of nearly 10 billion yuan, this company ...

RoseReplicator builds the disaster recovery platform solution to solve Gas Company's urgency

Customer introductionThe customer is gas supplier of a city in east China, and the company is the subject of urban gas infrastructure investment, construction, management and operation for this city’s industry park and it supplies pure gas for over 1...

Virtual platform cluster for a domestic electric power group

A domestic electric power group, which is established when national electric power system reformed at the end of 2002, is one of the five national wholly state-owned power generation corporations. It is a huge-scale central gov...

Case of a public cloud platform

XX Company is the biggest CPU Cooler provider in the world, and a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen. The company mainly produces Heat Sink, DC Fan, Heat Pipe, Heat Plate, Notebook Thermal, touch pad), Case, Software and etc.   During the i...

Multi-node and 2-storage solution for regional health information platform

To implement national and provincial health policies, laws and regulations, and to promote the medical and health system reform, the Municipal Health Bureau of one city plans to build a regional health information platform. The regional health inf...