ROSE (Rose Datasystems Inc.) is a professional solutions and services provider for user with availability for the always-on enterprise, data redundancy, and system disaster recovery demands.

As the founder and leader in domestic high availability disaster recovery solutions field, and with brand positioning as "non-stop business; zerodata loss and fast business restore" since 1993, Roseis always committed to high availability and data disaster recovery technologies. Beginning with active/standby solution based on shared storage of SUN minicomputer in Solaris platform, Rose gradually moved on to Windows and Linux system; and then Rose prospectively launched 2-node active/standby solution based on mirroring technology. Through ten years’ hard working, Rose developed city-wide and remote disaster recovery solution; after that, Rose promoted multi-node cluster and multi-node & 2-storage solution to market; 20 years later, Rose showed great foresight in and stepped into building integrated software & hardware disaster recovery and cloud platform disaster recovery solutions.

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As urban information management technology improves, the demand to build smart city emerges. Various industries, primarily the government, financial, energy, health care, transportation, manufacturing and other industries, gradually establish a large data center to complete the centralized data processing. Rose Datasystems quickly captures the market change, makes intelligent response, and actively participates in construction of Safe City, Smarter Healthcare, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Grid, Smart Water Affairs, and Internet Financial, to provide the reliable guarantee for the intelligent core.

Now, Rose products have been distributed all over the world. In markets including Chinese Mainland, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Asia, African countries (regions), Rose products are promoted and applied successfully,for helping enterprises to realize business system high availability and to meet backup and disaster recovery demands.


  • 2018

      ● Going to launch Software & hardware integrated disaster recovery solution and cloud platform disaster recovery solution

  • 2017

      ● Launch high availability cluster solution on virtual platform: RoseVMCluster

  • 2016

      ● Be awarded "2016 The Most Influential Enterprise in Data Security field of China" award.
      ● Be awarded "2016 Best Solution in Data Security Field of China".

  • 2014

      ● Be officially authenticated by IBM and release the brand new business continuity and disaster recovery solution on PowerLinux platform.
      ● Achieve phased victory in combating with RoseHA 8.9 piracy.

  • 2013

      ● Set up Operation Center for Great China Region.
      ● Release RoseMirrorHA 4.4 For Windows & Linux
      ● Release RoseHA 8.9 for Windows & Linux
      ● Launch Multi-node and 2-storage solution: RoseStor Foundation

  • 2012

      ● Product/market optimization
      ● Release RoseReplicator 4.3 For Windows & Linux

  • 2011

      ● Release RoseReplicator 4.2 for Windows,RoseMirrorHA 4.3 for Windows& Linux,RoseHA 8.8 for Windows & Linux
      ●    Be certified as qualified vendor for government procurement.
      ● RoseHA and RoseReplicator won the golden prize in China storage industry 

  • 2010

      ● Release cluster product: RoseHA(Multi-node) 9.0,non-stop data protection product: RoseDataBack 4.0,disaster recovery product: RoseDR 4.0
      ● Win prize in the 2010 11th Chinese information security forum
      ● Set up Rose Shanghai Office and East China Technical Support Center

  • 2009

      ● Release RoseReplicator 4.0 for Windows & Linux
      ● Take legal action against trademark and copyright piracy and win
      ● Set up Rose Guangzhou Office and South China Technical Support Center.

  • 2008

      ● Establish the customized software talent training base for seven universities, including USECT, South West JiaoTong University, Southwest Petroleum University, Xihua University,etc.
      ●  Construct Chengdu premises as multi-functional headquarter of RD, testing, supporting, operation and talent development

  • 2007

      ● Co-work with Chengdu College of UESTC to build the customized software talent training base.
      ●  Release RoseHA 8.0 for Windows & RoseHA 6.2 for Linux version,RoseMirrorHA 3.3 for Windows & RoseMirrorHA 3.2 for Linux,RoseReplicator 3.3 for Windows & RoseReplicator 3.2 for Linux

  • 2006

      ● In Dec 2006, Rose set up a new R&D center in high-tech park, Chengdu. The premises are over 10,000 square meters and are used for developing products for next 5 to 10 years.
      ● Release RoseDataBack Version 3.3 for Windows

  • 2005

      ● Release RoseRP for Linux
      ● Release PowerReplicator Version 3.2 for Windows
      ● Release RoseReplicator Version 3.2 for Windows

  • 2004

      ● Release PowerReplicator Version 3.1 for Linux
      ● Assign representative in Japan
      ● Set up International Business Division
      ● Release RoseReplicator version 3.1 for Linux

  • 2003

      ● Release RoseHA for Windows 2003
      ● Release RoseRP for Windows 2003

  • 2002

      ● Release RoseHA for Solaris 6.0
      ● Set up Beijing Storage Research Institute, majoring in storage software development.

  • 2001

      ● Release Rose SANManager for Linux. SANManager provides centralized and remote management for SAN environment, and provides Path Redundancy, Load Balancy, and LUN Zoing and Masking as well. 
      ● Release RoseHA that supports IBM AIX.

  • 2000

      ● Release RoseHA for Windows 2000
      ● Release RoseHA for Compaq True64 UNIX
      ● Release RoseMirrorHA Version 2.0 for Windows
      ● Release RoseHA for HP-UX

  • 1999

      ● Release RoseHA for Windows NT 
      ● Release RoseHA for Linux

  • 1998

      ● Release RoseHA for SCO UnixWare/Open Server

  • 1997

      ● Release RoseHA for Solaris Version 5.0
      ● Develop java-based RoseHA GUI
      ● Release RoseHA for Windows NT 4.0

  • 1996

      ● Set up  Beijing training center to provide sophisticate technical training to distributors, retailers and enterprise users.
      ● Release RoseHA for Solaris Version 4.0.
      ● RoseHA became the founder and leader in high availability system solution field of China domestic market.

  • 1994

      ● Become a member of Catalyst of the Sun Microsystems Inc. And RoseHA was the first products certificated by Sun in HA software field.

  • 1993

      ● Rose  Datasystems  Inc.  was  established  in  the  Silicon Valley
      ● Take the lead to develop high availability active/standby software: RoseHA, in Sun Solaris platform successfully.


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