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Completely fault-tolerance, high security, and high reliability
Business high availability cluster based on dual active storages
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Fully fault-tolerant architecture
Business continuity
Flexible deploy mode
Auto restore by mirrored volume
Graphical centralized management

Build completely fault-tolerant high availability cluster solution via RoseStor Foundation.

RoseStor Foundation provides a high-level protection solution that has dual active storages (RAID1), business continuity, and completely fault-tolerant architecture. It can realize fault-tolerant protection at multi-level: storage layer, channel link layer, and host layer; also it solves single point of failure in traditional storage structure, and further enhances high-security protection for storage & data. Moreover, it maximally guarantees business continuity, and meets user's requirements for protecting key data security and application high availability.

Fully fault-tolerant architecture

Hardware and software are completely fault tolerant, to realize dual active storages (RAID1). At the same time, it is compatible with server and disk array of different brands and models, to make full use of invested resources.

Business continuity

It automatically fails over resources to standby server if application/operating system/server failure occurs to guarantee business continuity.

Flexible deploy mode

The multi-node cluster architecture supports multiple protection modes, such as 1-1, N-1, N-N and so on, which saves hardware resources investment.

It supports one-active and multi-standby backup system, to improve application protection level.

Auto restore by mirrored volume

If one storage fails, the other will continue providing IO access, so that data security and application operation would not be affected.

After the failed storage recovers, mirrored volume module will automatically restore the original RAID. In recovery process, business won't be affected, so it reduces the maintenance difficulty.

Graphical centralized management

Graphical tool centrally manages resources including: servers, applications and storages, to get an overall centralized management solution, so as to save operation & management cost.

Support Specifications

Supported System

  • Windows

    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows Server 2012
  • Linux

    • RedHat V6/V7/V8

Supported Applications

  • Database

    • Oracle
    • Mysql
    • MS SQL
    • Sybase
    • DB2
    • Dameng
    • GBase
    • kingbase
  • Mail Server

    • coremail
    • sendmail
    • postfix
    • Domino
  • WEB Server

    • Apache
    • IIS
    • Tomcat
  • File Server

    • Samba
    • NFS
    • FTP
  • Middleware Application

    • Weblogic
    • Websphere

Supported Storage

  • Storage

    • SCSI
    • IPSAN
    • FCSAN
    • SAS