Case of a public cloud platform

Customer demand analysis

XX Company is the biggest CPU Cooler provider in the world, and a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen. The company mainly produces Heat Sink, DC Fan, Heat Pipe, Heat Plate, Notebook Thermal, touch pad), Case, Software and etc.


During the information construction for the production line work platform, disaster protection solution should be built for kernel MES business system, to prevent MES system from disaster or accident. Before deploying disaster recovery solution, MES system data has been migrated to Microsoft cloud and business continuity can be realized by the high availability technology in cloud end. Branches in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and etc. can access the database at cloud end through VPN network. User hopes recover the MES system data at Microsoft cloud to his self-built server room, so as to reinforce data management and build disaster recovery protection.


After investigating the user demand, Rose combines existing system architecture and proposes a disaster recovery solution from public cloud to local server room.

As shown in the figure above, a data disaster recovery server is deployed in the self-build server room in Shenzhen. Rose will do disaster recovery for the MES system data in real time to disaster recovery server in Shenzhen. If Microsoft cloud encounters any risk, user could apply the recovered data in disaster recovery server in Shenzhen to recover MES business instantly and minimize the loss caused by any disaster or accident.

Public cloud disaster recovery

Execute disaster recovery for the MES system data in real time to user’s self-build server room to realize remote disaster recovery for public cloud. This further upgrades data disaster recovery level and facilitates user to realize effective security control for business data.

Real-time data replication

Real-time data replication provides high level data protection (RPO≈0).

Network traffic control

It supports data transmission by scheduled bandwidth and rationally distributes & utilizes network to transmit resources.It also supports compressed data transmission, which reduces the occupation of network bandwidth.

Information security insurance

It supports encrypted data transmission to avoid any data disclosure.