Virtual platform cluster for a domestic electric power group

The high availability cluster based on virtualization

A domestic electric power group, which is established when national electric power system reformed at the end of 2002, is one of the five national wholly state-owned power generation corporations. It is a huge-scale central government-owned company supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. It mainly engages in power production, heat production and supply, as well as electric power related primary energy industry, such as coal, andits related technical supportand service. In company development process, high reliability construction of information system is the important content in informatization construction. It is an important step to improve working efficiency, to help winning the battle of improving quality and efficiency, and to build reliable office information platform for world-class energy group.

In company information system construction, Huadian always builds HA active/standby system with physical servers. With the development of virtualization technology in recent years, it's been proved that the integration between virtualization technology and physical server increases the resource utilization rate of physical server,and realizes the fast deployment, seamless migration, and it greatly simplifies the management. Huadian information management system can be migrated gradually from physical server to virtual platform. In this migration process, the high availability construction of system and challenges in smooth migration should be especially concerned.

Client environment

● OS: Win08R2, RHEL5/6

● Front-end application: ERP system, OA system, File system

● Back-end database: Oracle, DB2

● The migrated virtual platform: VMWare

Existing problems

● The original system does not support virtual platform

● The original system authorization method does not fit with virtual environment

● The original system has low switchingefficiency.

● Theconfiguration,management and maintenance of original system are complicated.

New requirements: Migrate application system to virtual platform


Centralized management

1.    Use the virtualization shared storage cluster solution

2.    Authorize 40 nodes in a centralized way with Ukey

The high availability cluster based on virtualization

User can create active/standby cluster based on shared storage on virtual platform. Then the internal business system in virtual machine can automatically detect failure and failover, to ensure that users' ERP, OA system could run 7 x24 hours continuously and uninterruptedly.

Centralized management

With the visual intuitive graphical interface, user can manage in a unified way across platforms, to implement centralized management for multiple active/standby clusters on virtual platform.

Centralized authorization

The centralized authorization mechanism is flexible and would not be affected by resources change or migration of OS, be seamlessly compatible with virtual platform.

Dynamical extension

Virtual active/standby cluster server can be extendedly seamlessly, as the incensement of business deployment, to effectively reduce cost on initial deployment, as well as later operation and maintenance.