The case of a securities company in Shenzhen

Client demand analysis

A securities company has established over 40 branches and 100 business departments in more than 100 cities and regions across the country. Its business scope covers: securities brokerage, securities investment consulting, financial advising relating to securities transaction or securities investment, underwriting and recommendation of securities, securities proprietary, and securities assets management, securities margin trading, the securities investment funds and financial product consignment, introducing broker for futures companies, securities investment fund custody, stock option marketing.

The securities company's mail system plays a key role in enterprise internal communicating and key information conveying. With enterprise's business development, its mail system pressure becomes increasingly heavy. As mail server is a standalone server, any unexpected downtime would bring inconvenience to the enterprise’s daily work, and even cause heavy losses. Therefore, high availability protection on mail system is needed urgently, in order to guarantee mail server runs 7×24 hours continuously.

The solution

Based on actual demand research, and in combination with client's application environment, the active/standby cluster solution based on shared storage is recommended.

The single-machine environment before deploying active/standby cluster: the mail business system, MySQL as background database, RedHat6 as OS, data stored in the disk array.

Based on 1-node and 1-storage, user can add a standby server, to build the active/standby cluster based on shared storage.

As shown in the topology above, please add 1 physical server as standby server for mail server, and deploy mail system on the standby server to realize high availability protection for mail application, by using Rose shared storage active/standby cluster products. If mail system on active server encounters an exception which makes server go down, such as application service exception, hardware failure, Rose product would monitor these faults in real time, and automatically switch mail system to the standby server, to ensure continuous running of mail system.

Business system continuity

Monitor the running status of mail service in real time. When hardware/software failure occurs, it will automatically switch to the standby server, to ensure the mail system continuity.

Fault tolerant structure

Active/standby cluster based on shared storageis is composed of 2 servers and 1 disk array. The fault tolerance of HWs like servers , disk array and so on could solve the single point of failure problem.

Monitor application and system resources

Besides monitoring application running status in real time, it could monitor CPU/memory resources usage rate in depth and execute intelligent warning & strategic failover

Make full use of existing resource

User can build active/standby cluster solution easily by using existing SW/HW resources.This avoids repeating investment.

Simplify operation and maintenance

Rose offers friendly graphic interface for user to manage active/standby cluster remotely, and monitors cluster working status. It has a variety of alarm ways, such as: online status, online logs, SMS notification, mail notification and etc., which makes it easy for user routine management, so as to simplify and ease the operation and maintenance difficulty.