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    Rose fully protects your business with whole ecological solutions.

    Data backup and business continuity solutions with different safety levels can be built, which energizes your business!

  • Perfect High Availability System

    Monitor the running status of software and hardware in real time and finish active/standby switch intelligently to ensure business continuity. Failover efficiency has been optimized and TB level data can be supported with intelligent verification. Remote web management will be provided to simplify operations.

  • Intelligent Data Protection Scheme

    Real-time data sync can ensure data redundancy. Snapshot copy is provided to recover data after damage. New loss prevention technology can prevent human misoperation from damaging data.

  • Comprehensive and friendly Compatibility

    The sixth generation HA technology provides better adaptability and reduces the difficulty of scheme selection. Domestic CPU and OS, cloud platforms, virtualization and hyper-converged environments are supported. New driver architecture can be compatible with antivirus, backup and encryption and other software better.

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  • Hardware Fault Tolerance

    The ability of the system running continuously can be provided based on redundant hardware with simultaneous operation. When any component fails, the fault unit is automatically isolated to achieve zero interruption of the service system.

  • Software Protection

    Monitor virtual machines and applications inside virtual machines through built-in virtualization platform. When a software fault occurs, the system automatically restarts applications or virtual machines to restore services.

  • VM Copy Management

    A snapshot copy can be created for a virtual machine to protect it against viruses, misoperations, software upgrades, or system patch failures. Cloning a virtual machine by a snapshot can be used to test or verify the consistency and accuracy of copy data.

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  • Comprehensive Cluster DR Solutions

    A mature and stable HA cluster monitors the running status of software and hardware in real time and automatically switches when resources fail, ensuring service continuity in the local production center. Based on the local HA cluster, the remote data and application disaster recovery can be built. When a disaster occurs in the local production center. The DT system is used to recover data and services quickly, minimizing disaster loss.

  • Mature and Stable professional technology

    The industry-leading high availability and data disaster recovery technologies have provided reliable and stable HA and DR solutions. After nearly 30 years of continuous optimization and improvement more efficient, in-depth, proactive, flexible application of high availability protection and more intelligent, safe, reliable and effective data protection have be achieved.

  • On-demand customization service

    Based on users’ high availability and data disaster recovery demands, Rose also tries to further dig out industrial application characteristics and application scenarios, to provide specialized solution and all-round technical service that meets the particular specification of the industry, solve the pain/difficult points that users care about, promote overall solution value, establish industry benchmark, and realize a continuous, all-win and healthy circulatory ecological industry.

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  • Total Protection

    Multiple backup objects are supported, including hosts, virtual machines and physical machines. The backup of operating systems, applications and data is supported. Flexible backup modes support real-time data backup, continuous data protection, and planned backup policies. The backup mode is based on customers’ actual situation.

  • Efficient Recovery

    Various recovery modes, such as intelligent flash back, mounted recovery and bare-metal recovery, which can cope with rapid data recovery and migration. When data is restored to the original production volume on the original production host, the function of flash back is automatically enabled to improve recovery efficiency.

  • Data Utilization

    The block replication technology is used to obtain and generate data copies from the production environment, and the virtualization technology is used to start virtual machines on the backup appliance to quickly take over applications or disaster drills. DR protection and development verification of application systems are implemented to improve the utilization value of data copies.

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    RaaS(Rose as a Service)

    Customize industry services on demand and build exclusive industry solutions.

    • Intelligent Communication

      Provide same-city DR protection for the public security private network system.
    • Intelligent Wind Power

      Provide HA and data protection for SCADA system of new energy smart wind power plant.
    • Intelligent Finance

      Provide business continuity protection for bank clearing center auxiliary management system.
    • Intelligent Building

      Provide DR protection for the HZM Bridge health monitoring system.
    • Safe City

      Provide business continuity protection for Safe City video management system.
    • Intelligent Transportation

      Provides business continuity protection for traffic signal control system.
    • Intelligent Logistics

      Provide business continuity protection for express logistics automatic sorting system.
    • Intelligent Security

      Provide local HA cluster and same-city DR protection for metro security system.
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