software-defined storage solutions

    Medical, power, monitoring, communications, and all data protection you need, Rose can provide you with industry-leading levels

    • Business Continuity

      High availability

    • Backup and recovery

      Recover data & business quickly

    • Virtual platform cluster

      Ensure data & application safety

    • Multi-node & 2-storage

      Dual active storages

    Protect your data with excellent products

    Power, downtime, system upgrades, natural disasters... For you to provide a full range of data protection

    • RoseHA

      High availability solution

    • RoseMirrorHA

      High availability solution

    • RoseVM Cluster

      Virtualized cluster solution

    • RoseReplicator

      Remote disaster recovery solution

    • RoseDRCluster

      Remote disaster recovery solution

    • RoseStor Foundation

      Dual storage solution